Guest Post!!! Maci Bower’s 95th Birthday

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a very special guest feature today… the one and only Maci Bower, AKA the Golden Goddess, AKA the Sassy Lady.

This sweet girl is living with malignant cancer that “tentacles out” in its growth. Because of that, the vet told our family that they would have to amputate her leg to┬áremove it. This sassy lady is 13 and a half years old, and we just couldn’t imagine putting her through that painful process, so we’re making her comfortable until her time comes.

Now I believe in celebrating ANYTHING. So naturally, when her 13 and a half birthday passed, we knew we just had to throw her a party. (As if we needed a reason to shower her with puppy treats and lots of love.) So throw her a party, we did!

It was a fabulous affair, with Bella and Huck in attendance as four-legged guests and our family as the two-legged party crashers. I baked her a cake, which was SUPER easy to make and obviously delicious. You can find it here (shout out to Love from the Oven for the fantastic recipe!)

Much to my surprise, they all wore their party hats without a fuss. It was an afternoon of laughs, cake-covered noses, and a reminder of all the reasons why we love our pets. They just give and give and smile through everything, and I can’t imagine a life without them!

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