Ohh Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Huck has been home for a few days now, and his energy level is starting to return. Playtime is a lot more relaxed now, but still fun for both of us. We’ve found that playing tug while laying down is almost as good as the real thing. Just look at that smile!


Huck has been putting more weight on his leg, which is good news. He’s started taking more steps in a row before sitting for rest when we go outside for bathroom breaks and his incision is healing nicely, although he scratches at it by putting his cone on it and rubbing it around with his head.

Did I mention that watching him navigate the house is like watching a bull in a china shop? Huck is smart, but he just can’t quite grasp this whole “leave extra room for door frames” thing. These two weeks with his cone are going to be fun but challenging, to say the least.



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