Hope for Huck

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love dogs! I’ve had a four-legged friend (or two) my whole life, and have waited for the right time to find a tail wagger of my own.

When that time finally came, I went to visit the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. Just take a look at handsome Huck!


I asked the rescue if he was healthy and would be a good running partner. I was told “Yes.”

After a walk around the lake over Labor Day weekend, Huck was limping terribly. I got him in for an x-ray… And this is what we found.


You can see on the left the joint is completely broken, and on the right… Well, where is the joint? His shattered hips were the cause of a serious trauma, most likely being hit by a car.

I was so upset. Upset that nobody had caught this. Upset that someone would inflict this kind of injury on an animal (and not help it). Upset that Huck had been dealing with pain for who knows how long.

On the bright side, the issue is fixable! My wonderful vet, Dr. Musgrave, told me Huck was a great candidate for femoral head ostectomy, or FHO for short. We scheduled his surgery for September 14th and went home with hope in our hearts.

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